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NCIS Stamping

more fun than a slap to the head

NCIS Stamping

Welcome to ncis_stamping!

Don't forget to read the rules. =)

more fun than a slap to the head

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huntress | breaking the law

your name: Kirsty
your age: 19
male or female: Female
your current location: Good ol' UK
your weaknesses: I wear my heart on my sleeve.
your strengths: I wear my heart on my sleeve. No wait... that's cheating, right? I'm loyal, kinda affectionate... averagely intelligent. Ack.
your talents: *wiggles fingers* writing. Does loving count as a talent?

colour? Black. Why? It's slimming, baby.
thing you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend? Personality. Gotta be able to give good cuddles.
movie? The Lost Boys. There's just something about eighties chic plus gorgeous vampires just has me all melty. And oh, the plot's good too.
type of takeaway? Food? Nah. I can drink coffee and peppermint tea to my hearts content, but I don't like takeaway.
tv shows? Aw, do I have to? Psh. Heroes, Supernatural and NCIS... of course. As for reasons... well, Supernatural intrigues me; I've always been interested in the paranormal. Same for Heroes. NCIS? I've always wanted to be a forensic scientist, even if my grades were boringly average.
thing to do whilst bored? Sleep.

if any, which character{s} could you see yourself dating? Er...
if any, which character{s} would be your best friend{s}? Abby. She just has that bubbly personality, and is utterly adorable. She's awesome.
favourite ship {couple} on ncis? ...I shalt keep my slashy shippings to myself *blush*
least favourite ship on ncis? Anything with DiNozzo. He aint no whore, baby. HE HAS LAYERS.
if you were stranded on a desert island with one character, who would you want it to be? Gibbs. Simply because a) you'd actually survive, and b) that guy is an awesome father figure.

what's one thing would make you really happy? A family.
five words you'd use to describe yourself? Whimsical conscientious, rainbow lover bookworm.
where would you go if you won a million pounds? I'd go see a friend who currently lives in Michigan *nods* she was there for me when I needed someone the most. It meant alot to me.
what else would you do with the money? I'd give half to my mum. She's all I have and I love her to bits. But other than that? I'd save. With how things are now, a gal needs a good savings fund.
who are you closer to, friends or family? My mum :]
one thing you need to get through the day? Sleep? Naw; listen to music. I go stir crazy without my music. A bit of Disturbed a day keeps the doctor away.

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