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NCIS Stamping

More Fun Than A (Gibbs!) Slap On The Back Of The Head :D

NCIS Stamping

Welcome to ncis_stamping!

Don't forget to read the rules. =)

More Fun Than A (Gibbs!) Slap On The Back Of The Head :D

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Well folks... here goes!!

your name: Kathryn Murrell

your age: 18!

male or female: Female

your current location: Just outside of London

your weaknesses: Trust issues and slight jealousy

your strengths: Loyal, trustworthy and very good listener

your talents: Oooh please.. hate q's like these!! Communication skills, oral skills, computer skills, written skills (I heart writing!) and oooh I don't know lol... baking!

colour? {give reasons}
 Purple - its a very psychic colour apparently and I love the way its versitile :)

thing you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend? Honesty loyalty and joy about life

movie? Weepie = The Bridges of Madison County   Upbeat = Mamma Mia!

type of takeaway? Chinese baby!

tv shows? {give reasons}  The West Wing and NCIS are my favourie two - I have to have fantastic camera work, cinematography, FANTASTIC script writing but most of all believable characters that you (as an audicence) can REALLY care about!

thing to do whilst bored? Use the internet - LJ and Youtube!

if any, which character{s} could you see yourself dating? {reasons?} Sheesh - Abby or Gibbs! Abby because she just rocks and she's ecclectic and has that sense of eccentricity about her that I ALWAYS find irresistable in any person - and Gibbs, because I'm a (dyed) redhead and that "Gibbs stare" he gives people practically takes me over the edge everytime I watch it on NCIS ;) 

if any, which character{s} would be your best friend{s}? {reasons?} Because I actually cannot decide - here are the traits in all characters that I would cherish if I was their best fried -  
I'd take Jenny's loyalty and responsibiltyfor all, 
Tony's wit and ability to make you laugh, 
McGee's way of making you believe in yourself in bad situations (Plus the 24/7 on-demand tech support!!), 
Ziva's protectiveness,
Kate's way of staying calm and trying to keep everyone chilled out,
Palmer's way of embarrassing himself,
Ducky's AMAZING MIND (Plus he's a Brit as well teehee!),
Abby's simply amazingly chatty personality,
but most of all Gibbs' way of wanting to get to the bottom of things and protecting (and even repremanding you) you to make you either see sense or to find the truth for yourself... plus chatting till 5am while he's making the boat and drinking his bourbon sounds nice ;)

favourite ship {couple} on ncis? {reasons?}  GIBBS / ABBY - destined to be together! ...Plus the chemistry and sexual innuendo between the characters is just perfection :)

least favourite ship on ncis? {reasons?} Gibbs / Tony - I am a VERY open minded person but it's not BELIEVABLE in my head that two hetrosexual male characters would suddenly unleash COMPLETLY homosexual desires to eachother...

if you were stranded on a desert island with one character, who would you want it to be? {reasons?} Gibbs - because he can build boats ;) Teehee!

what one thing would make you really happy? Getting accepted in George Mason for my transfer year in my 4 year American Studies college course (I'm starting college in the UK in September!).

five words you'd use to describe yourself? Eccentric, passionate, talkative, truthful and crazy :)

where would you go if you won a million pounds? Buy 2 properties (without having to worry about visas ;) - A house in Georgetown, DC and an appartment in New York

what else would you do with the money? Take my friends on a holiday, buy a new laptop and not have ANY finantial worries about college

who are you closer to, friends or family? Friends

one thing you need to get through the day? My Ipod!

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