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more fun than a slap to the head

your name: Sionnan
your age: 21
male or female: Female.
your current location: Literally, the United States of America. Figuratively, school- college, to be specific.
your weaknesses: Pigheaded; when I'm frustrated in understanding something, my frustration boils over to interacting with others; I give everybody the benefit of the doubt (which isn't good when I'm dealing with people who don't mind lying); don't do well with change
your strengths: I'll help anyone and everyone; I'm tenacious and driven; pragmatic; can plan things well; methodical; quick learner; mentally and physically strong; if I have a cause, whether to a person or a thing, I will not stop pursuing that cause. Ever.
your talents: I speak three languages, have perfect pitch,

colour? Black. It goes with everything, and is the color you can't overdo unless you completely deck out in it.
thing you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend? Honesty, genuine interest in me, commitment, some amount of physical attractiveness.
movie? Death Sentence- Kevin Bacon goes on a killing spree for vengence after his teenage son is killed in a gas station hold up.
type of takeaway? I go mostly with Chinese, myself.
tv shows? {give reasons} Don't watch TV. Probably just the news.
thing to do whilst bored? I'm never bored- I've always got way too much to do. If I have time, I read or go for a walk, That, and I always keep myself occupied.

if any, which character{s} could you see yourself dating? {reasons?} To be honest, I wouldn't date any of them, since I'm not attracted to any of them. I wouldn't mind going out for dinner with, say... Gibbs. Or Abby.
if any, which character{s} would be your best friend{s}? {reasons?} I could see getting along well with most of them, but best friends with none of them. 
favourite ship {couple} on ncis? {reasons?} IDon't ship any of them.
least favourite ship on ncis? {reasons?} No comment on that. While there's plenty of dynamics between the characters that could suggest it, I'm not one to ship, period.
if you were stranded on a desert island with one character, who would you want it to be? {reasons?} Gibbs- he's level headed, can always think of a plan, and he wouldn't break down. That, and he'd probably be the type to find a way off of it.

what one thing would make you really happy? Seeing my parents again.
five words you'd use to describe yourself? Tenacious, driven, intelligent, solicitous, unapproachable
where would you go if you won a million pounds? Hah, pounds. At first I thought you meant weight. I'd pay off my student loans, and then force some of the monet on my parents.
what else would you do with the money? Buy a house wherever I like.
who are you closer to, friends or family? Family, most definietly.
one thing you need to get through the day? Drink lots and lots of coffee.

post a photo or two of yourself:
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