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NCIS Stamping

more fun than a slap to the head

NCIS Stamping

Welcome to ncis_stamping!

Don't forget to read the rules. =)

more fun than a slap to the head

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your name: Krystal
your age: 22
male or female: Female.
your current location: Canada
your weaknesses: im really shy which makes it hard to meet people
your strengths: artistic (writing, drawing, painting), friends come to me for advice
your talents: I can walk on stilts, drawing, painting, writing

colour? purple
thing you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend? Honesty, funny, good conversation, trustworthy, patient, romance is always good
movie? too many to name
type of takeaway? chicken wings and fries
tv shows? {give reasons} NCIS, Harpers Island, Greys Anatomy, Bones, Flashpoint, How I Met Your Mother
thing to do whilst bored? anything really, talk online to friends, watch movies, draw, clean room, call a friends to hang out

if any, which character{s} could you see yourself dating? {reasons?} Tony I guess but he's a little old for me ( we both like movies a lot)
if any, which character{s} would be your best friend{s}? {reasons?} Abby she's awesome
favourite ship {couple} on ncis? {reasons?} Ziva and Tony
least favourite ship on ncis? {reasons?} none
if you were stranded on a desert island with one character, who would you want it to be? {reasons?} Ducky he would probably know a lot of ways to stay alive just guessing though, plus you can listen to all of his many stories

what one thing would make you really happy? falling in love
five words you'd use to describe yourself? shy, quiet, honest, nice, sweet
where would you go if you won a million pounds? travel
what else would you do with the money? Buy a house
who are you closer to, friends or family? friends
one thing you need to get through the day? food

post a photo or two of yourself:
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