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NCIS Stamping

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NCIS Stamping

Welcome to ncis_stamping!

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December 30th, 2007

Here We Go....

your name:Christine
your age: 34
male or female: F
your current location:Florida
your weaknesses: I care too much.
your strengths:I'll go the ends of the earth for those I care about.
your talents:Dancing,writing,and videos sort of.

colour?Black/ It goes with everything and reminds me of the night.
thing you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend? Married but it was keeping up,honesty,loyalty,strength of character. Got it and so much more.
movie? Lost Boys, still love those pretty vamps
type of takeaway? Chinese wins again!
tv shows? NCIS becuase the stories are deep and inviting and the cast outstanding. Supernatural for the brotherly bond
thing to do whilst bored? Read and make vids

if any, which character{s} could you see yourself dating? Tony becuase theres so much going on underneath(Not that!) Gibbs cuz I love a challenge
if any, which character{s} would be your best friend{s}? Abbey becuase we like the same things and Ziva becuase then we could spar
favourite ship {couple} on ncis? {reasons?} Tony/Ziva I think they complete eachother
least favourite ship on ncis? Gibbs/Jenny just get irritated easily with her attitude
if you were stranded on a desert island with one character, who would you want it to be? Tony for many reasons! We could talk movies till we came up with one that gave us the answer to get out of there.

what one thing would make you really happy? Buying a new house
five words you'd use to describe yourself? analytical,sassy,survivor,naughty,nice
where would you go if you won a million pounds? Italy to visit my adopted sis and see my hubbies country
what else would you do with the money? buy a house big enough for my family and strong enough to weather the storm.
who are you closer to, friends or family? Hubby and 5 kids
one thing you need to get through the day? my husband

post a photo or two of yourself:

December 28th, 2007

Here We Go....

I know you...Collapse )

October 3rd, 2007

...What's Your Ninja Sense Telling You?...Collapse )

March 25th, 2007

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